Yehliu Geopark

January 14, 2021. It’s a sunny day – gotta get out of town! Where to today? Yehliu Geopark! This one has been on my list of day trips from Taipei for a while. I am becoming more and more comfortable figuring out public transport, specifically the bus system. Google is pretty good at making suggestions,Continue reading “Yehliu Geopark”

Magical Alishan

We visited Alishan County and the Forest Reserve in the last week of November, as well as Yu-shan, the highest mountain in Taiwan. This area touches a special place in my heart. Such peace and beauty in the rolling high mountain tea fields and bamboo forests. And silent communion with the giants in the forestContinue reading “Magical Alishan”


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All text and photos by Surati Haarbrucker unless otherwise noted. Happy to share; please ask for permission and mention my name.

Hi, I’m Surati (the one with the face mask). My daughter Kaya lives in Taiwan these days. Hope you’ll enjoy travelling vicariously with me as I face the trials and tribulations of getting myself to Taiwan and through two weeks of quarantine and beyond…

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