Lost and Found

I’ve been spending a lot of time labouring (with love) in my garden and making rather slow progress on my promised post on Temples and Celebrations in Taipei. So I’m slipping in this little post to tie us over… It’s about a recent ordinary and magical meeting – with Errol. It’s early March on myContinue reading “Lost and Found”

Tainan Moments

Time flies… and life on Canadian soil is engaging in quieter ways these days. Looking through photos in preparation for this post brought on a pang of longing to be back in the “oh so” colourful, lively and noisy streets of Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan. Or on a hike in the green andContinue reading “Tainan Moments”


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All text and photos by Surati Haarbrucker unless otherwise noted. Happy to share; please ask for permission and mention my name.

Hi, I’m Surati (the one with the face mask). My daughter Kaya lives in Taiwan these days. Hope you’ll enjoy travelling vicariously with me as I face the trials and tribulations of travelling during the 2021 pandemic, find my way through two weeks of quarantine and beyond – into the beautiful landscapes of Taiwan…

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