Taipei Zoo

Let’s go to the zoo! Wanna see some animals? Smell some animals? Hear some animals? Enjoy a leisurely walk through a park-like setting? Come along! Taipei zoo is located in the south of the city in a beautiful natural setting near Maokong Gondola and hikes in the mountains – I recommend a visit if youContinue reading “Taipei Zoo”

Seaside Dulan, Taitung County

Skipping ahead… We’re in artsy, relaxed Dulan, Donghe, Taitung and it’s a fabulous ride. When I arrived on Tuesday after a four hour train ride on the Puyuma Express from Taipei and wanted to pick up a scooter at the place recommended to me, I was told that “sorry, we don’t rent to foreigners.” ThatContinue reading “Seaside Dulan, Taitung County”

Beach Clean Up and “VIS”

marinepollution #sustainability #keepoceanscleanIt’s Sunday, November 1st, another lovely day on planet Earth. Kaya sent me info about the NextGen Wanli Beach clean-up and I decide spontaneously to join. In this age of instant connections, I am instantly connected and find my way to the Nanjin Fuxing MRT station, Exit 7, looking for Marcin (pronounced marchin’Continue reading “Beach Clean Up and “VIS””


It’s official, October 29, done with three weeks health check up – two weeks hotel quarantine and one week follow-up health checks with CEC (Central Epidemic Command Center) – I’m free to travel further now. Celebrating with a new friend, a foot reflexology massage and trying new things like a Shoujing ritual, and pickled RoselleContinue reading “Celebrating!”

Let’s go for a hike!

Mt. Ergeshan and Mt. Bijia Ridge “Kaya, do you want to go for a hike tomorrow? The weather is supposed to be great.” Yes, she’d love to. The timing works. And she fires off suggestions. “How do you feel about an 8km hike if I carry everything? I want to train with a pack.” “Sure,Continue reading “Let’s go for a hike!”


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All text and photos by Surati Haarbrucker unless otherwise noted. Happy to share; please ask for permission and mention my name.

Hi, I’m Surati (the one with the face mask). My daughter Kaya lives in Taiwan these days. Hope you’ll enjoy travelling vicariously with me as I face the trials and tribulations of getting myself to Taiwan and through two weeks of quarantine and beyond…

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