Day 2: Window Musings

Quarantine Diary:

5 AM. The world around me is waking up. First light… first birds chirping…

Looking out the window, I’m reminded of many occasions in countries I have visited when (mostly) older people would sit at their windows looking out at the world, watching and engaging from their perches – I found this especially in Italy. The window to the world gets a whole new meaning when you can’t go out and mingle…there it is, waiting for us. I’m thinking of all the elders and vulnerable ones, especially in these times. I hope they have windows to look out of and do it often.

My dad had vascular dementia and spend the last six months of his life in a very nice care home. He had a large window looking out on a garden. Birds. The sky. Clouds. The wind moving the branches of bushes and trees. The seasons. The changing weather. And more birds. He loved that. The many minute changes so easily missed in a busy, fast life. Sometimes it takes a pandemic to put the brakes on life, allowing people to slow down and notice – whatever it is that they need to notice.

Everything changes. One of my favourite sayings is “This too shall pass.” So true. I’ve struggled with the changes Covid ushered in and grieved a way of life, ways of being in the world. And found my way with it. This too shall pass.

It’s a somewhat busy day here at The Den answering emails, paying bills, doing internet searches for a place to call home after quarantine (unfortunately, my daughter’s place is too small), writing the blog, editing photos, having a call with my cousin catching up on garden news from home. From time to time, I stand by the window, watching life on the street below, camera at hand. I enjoy capturing moments and movements and expressions and textures with my camera. The streets and buildings provide such an interesting backdrop. This is different and fun!

My hotel is in Ximen or Ximending, a lively neighbourhood in the Wanhua District of Taipei. Ximending has been called the “Harajuku of Taipei” and the “Shibuya of Taipei”. It’s a buzzing consumer district, the source of Taiwan’s fashion, subculture, and Japanese culture, and has a host of clubs and pubs and restaurants. I remember feeling overwhelmed by the lights and noise and masses of people when I first set foot in the pedestrian area one evening during my visit in February. I explored some of the historical sights another day by bicycle. If you’re curious, check out Nick Kembel’s blog with lots of great photos and descriptions and you’ll see images of this colourful lit world. Here I am just on a humble side street….

Later in the afternoon, Kaya drops a bag of goodies at reception – books, food, crayons, paper. Then she stands across the street, we wave and chat on the phone. What fun! 🙂 A visitor at seven floors distance! Who would have thought…LOL

Thanks for another great day, Taipei!

5 thoughts on “Day 2: Window Musings

  1. I found your pictures and story of chatting with Kaya particularly moving… somehow finding a way to make and have meaningful connections no matter what the obstacles

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