Day 5: Play, rest, be silly

Quarantine Diary

6 AM. It’s raining. As it often does. Not for long though. The weather here changes by the minute sometimes. Taiwan’s people joke about their climate. Weather is iffy and forecasts are just for reference… there is always good weather in Taiwan, but not necessarily where you are at the moment. Ha!

The island is only 250 miles = 402 km long, yet the north has a wet winter and a dry summer, and the south has a wet summer and a dry winter. They call it crazy quilt climate. Here is an interesting article on Taiwan’s weather patterns if you care to know more.

Listening to the recording of the Gangaji meeting I missed, I delight in inspiring exchanges. A participant, Michael, shares a poem, singing it. I take the liberty to transcribe it here. Don’t know if he wrote it or who…

I fell below this moment, I fell below the day 
I fell below the voices and the things we do and say
I fell beneath the thinking and the thought I thought I knew
I fell into your beauty, and mystery, too

And the drummer marks a dying time
The beggar holds the light
The keeper of the garden digs a hole as deep as night
The magician drops his sceptre and his robes are torn away
The magic of the past comes around to watch him pray

Sweet. I hear the call to rest and be home… just watching rain drops fall… And then a friend texts and from there I somehow find my way into Messenger photo app where you can add funny filters to your face. The fun begins, I’m a kid in a candy store having a blast. Sending my creations to Kaya who soon tires of my childish delight (role reversal), so I randomly include other friends. Isa calls, we laugh about my silliness, and I give her a tour of my surroundings. We catch up on family news (she will be a grandma in a few months!). Isa is one of my heroines in her determination to kick cancer in the butt and get well. All the healing power to you, goddess! Let laughter be a healing power, especially in these serious times.:)

It’s been a gentle playful day, lots of giggles and laughter and carefreeness; life hums along, drawing my attention to this and that…  In her comment, Alison inspires me to listen to a Tony Parsons talk which has me in stitches; I listen to more. Texts about rooms to check out come in; a friend calls to get some advise on finding a roommate. Outside it rains, the clouds part, the sun peeks out for a moment, more rain… Umbrellas open and close. Rain-capes on and off. I look up some travel destinations post quarantine – Taitung County and Green Island are on the list, among many others.

Is This That is Always Here still Here? Yep. Still Here 🙂

A few snippets from Toni Parsons talk:
The seeker cannot get enlightened. There is no way to become what already is. This is a message without any hope at all. And you’ve paid money for it. (Laughter)

Participant: That was my wife and I tell her it’s hopeless, that there is no way to become what already is. But shopping is hard to get rid of… Toni: yes, I’ve noticed that too. LOL

The mind can’t get anywhere with this situation…it gives up. Total anarchy…all there is is This. Nobody chose to come or not. There isn’t anyone. There seems to be the appearance that someone is choosing and doing…that’s the dream. Then, how did I get here? You aren’t here. You are the divine expression standing there. But there is no individual. This is a real conversation stopper in a way. (Laughter)

5 thoughts on “Day 5: Play, rest, be silly

  1. Check out a couple of animated versions in my Instagram story :):):) Yeah, he is so to the point! I listened to him before and totally forgot. He is still alive, isn’t he? Would be fun to sit in one of his meetings. Nobody there…


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