Day 8: Me, myself and the body

Quarantine Diary

6AM. I wish I was a cat. All flexible, soft, and limber. I’m not. I wake up with a headache, the kind that is caused by muscle tension. The body’s way to say something needs to relax. So my morning is spent on the yoga mat and moving about the room, stretching, shaking, loosening, dancing, massaging, relaxing onto tennis balls, breathing. Meow. My friend Birgit tells me about a breathing exercise that will calm the Vagus nerve. Yes, I think it works. Neck and stomach are relaxing. Thank you! Birgit is a fabulous craniosacral therapist. During the lockdown earlier this year, I had a bicycle accident, broke a rib and bruised a few others. I was in a lot of pain. Hands on sessions were not happening. So Birgit suggested a session via phone and whatever scepticism I had about not having her hands on me was proven misplaced. Just one session helped tremendously. We’re all so connected, aren’t we?! I think it’s time to book one to help alleviate whatever stress built up in this body during the last couple of weeks. As I’m stretching, I’m also thinking with appreciation of Kathy and Maggie, both friends and Yoga teachers of the “50+ kind.” Maggie teaches Yoga Therapy, Kathy Kaiut Yoga. My kind of yoga, suitable for people of all ages and limitations. Very gentle. No need to bend yourself into a pretzel. 🙂

Photo by Burst on

A revelation! People actually leave this place! Yesterday, I heard them cleaning and moving things. When I opened the door to get my dinner delivery, I looked across the hall into an empty, freshly prepared room. Sigh. Today I have new neighbours – who might they be? I also hear new voices to the left and right.

Counting down – six more days. As well as I’m doing most of the time, I have my moments feeling antsy. Instead of leaving the room, I stand at the window – my eyes can leave the room, travel up and up into the sky… Managing the thinking well so far – I’m not running out of things to occupy myself with. And keeping the focus on the moment. 🙂 Until Kaya tells me this afternoon she’s going to the Beitou hot springs. Dang! I want to go, too. Sigh. My time will come. That girl is living the life right now!

Beitou Hotsprings (wild) photo by Kaya Lemaire

Signage in Asia can be funny. After a week here, I finally take a look at this little sign in my bathroom…I had glanced at it before and interpreted it (I think) the way it’s meant – no tampons, etc. Reading it literally, however, I’m laughing – “no toilet waste”… where shall I poop then? LOL 🙂

This day has flown by. A call visit with Kaya, texts and emails, and hours on the computer figuring out WP. I think I’m getting there 🙂 Check out my new homepage and photo page. Today I actually had fun with it! Had to let go of my ideas and work with what the free platform offers to the best of my abilities. I created a photo page – what fun! And looking back at images of my previous trip to this beautiful island was a delight. 🙂

Photo Page

See ya tomorrow, right here!

4 thoughts on “Day 8: Me, myself and the body

  1. yoga for body mind and soul… wonderful practice… and pranayama ( breathwork) perfect. Hope you can get your session with Birgit and find more ease for yourself… keep looking at the sky !

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  2. Your blog is starting to look great – home page, about page, blog page, photo page! I knew you’d figure it out.
    That opening shot is heart melting and makes me want a kitten now!
    I remember seeing some hilarious signs in China. The best was in front of an out-of-order thing at a spa – Please feel free to enjoy the inconvenience. LOL
    Hang in there. Only 6 days to go. I think you might explode when you finally get out of there!
    Alison xo

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    1. OMG, I love it! “Please feel free to enjoy the inconvenience.” That is so fitting my circumstances now. And I’m getting plenty of enjoyment. Your comments rank high 🙂 6 more days…. it’s gonna fly by! Luv u and hugs to u and Don

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