Day 12: Hmmmmmm…

Quarantine Diary

5:38AM. Today + two = going for a walk outside! Experiencing life at street level while stretching my legs! Looking up at buildings, not down. Looking around corners, down alleys. And maybe finally tasting the soup-man’s cooking? He is popular! Most evenings he rolls up his cart, sets up shop in front of 7/11, puts out a few crates for people to sit on, a large Umbrella if it rains, and it doesn’t take long for the first patrons to show up. They sit or stand enjoying their food, socialize a bit, empty their bowls, put garbage in the provided bag, the bowl in the wash bin and move on. It’s a well rehearsed dance and constant coming and going.

The “corn-lady” however, on the opposite corner, right underneath my windows and seven floors below doesn’t seem to enjoy the same popularity. But from up here the corn looks mighty good! The next morning the birds will be around looking for crumbs before the brooms of the street sweepers carry them away. Our feathered friends delight me every day; I see more and new ones, and discover their various hang-outs and holes in the building across. Bats emerge with nightfall from somewhere. May be some of the same holes? Hmmm…

The building across the street is occupied by a computer consulting company – Syscom Group. In the mornings, an employee armed with a thermometer briefly stops the cars turning into parking to take the drivers’ temperature. I can’t see the building entrance, but see many people heading towards it. This morning, a woman is taking cleaning to a whole new level by mopping the sidewalk. Hmmm…

Often and throughout the day smokers appear and disappear, alone or in groups, enjoying the smoke break, no masks, inhaling deeply what might kill them down the road (not viruses) while looking at their phones… Humans, eh?! Hmmmm…

A Police car stops and a long message is relayed via loud speaker – in Mandarin of course. No idea what it’s about. Wild guesses: A Covid announcement? Witnesses for the recent accident needed? A criminal on the run? Organizing the neighbourhood watch? Anyone with information on X, please come forward? Who knows. A little later, two officers briefly visit the hotel, I see them in the hallway of my floor when I open the door thinking I heard my bell ring. But in response to my question the officer shakes his head “no”, and waves me away. Later, I see them down the road, talking to several people. Hmmm…….

A friend sends a message expressing upset and anger with me. Wowaaaaa… okay! What did I do? I reflect, find my part, apologize, wish her the best, and move on. There are so many issues these days that can put us on seemingly opposing sides of the imagined fence. I get carried away sometimes in discussion, over-enthusiastic, opinionated and not directing my attention to the hidden human needs behind the other’s view (as explored in the interview the other day). That’s where things go awry, however unintentionally. As I reflect on the spring lockdown and some exchanges with friends, there are a few toes I stepped on, and I notice who worked through it with me, and who didn’t, and vice versa. I’ve been lovingly accused of not having filters in my speaking/thinking more than once… Hmmm…

I settle in and practice Ho’onoponopono, the ancient Hawaiian prayer:
I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. xo

Kaya listens to my story and wisely comments, “Next time just wait a while before you respond…” Ah, yes… my darling daughter. Kaya in Hopi means my elder little sister, small but wise. Yep 🙂

We talk for a couple of hours about this and that, laughing a lot, while she is figuring out a sewing machine, shortening a skirt, butchering a t-shirt, and I’m pacing around the room for exercise. “Mum, you need to work out!” She finds me a 30-minute, low impact, at home work-out (developed during lockdown for the entire family), sends the link and I give it a try… Hmmm… I’m more drawn to what the dog in the video does (playfully engaging with the instructor, but mostly lying around, looking cute). I’ve been physically active my entire life and these kind of work-outs have never really been a part of it. Doubt they ever will be. Would probably be good for me… Hmmmm… I just prefer walking, hiking, kayaking, biking, dancing, yoga, Pilates, Feldenkreis, working in my garden, playing ball on the beach, just to name a few. Before we part, Kaya teasingly asks what I’m up to tonight?! Any fun outing planned? Hmmm…. take a guess (you little brat)!

“For Elise” is playing again – every other day the garbage trucks come around. Promptly, the street fills with people (where do they all come from?) and it’s over within a couple of minutes. Why does this fascinate me? Just so different from what I’m used to.

Well, it’s been that kinda “hmmm…” day – a good one, not boring for sure… I was going to write about Taiwan travel destinations (got really excited about discovering some more) – tomorrow then.


PS – If you’re wondering about the page image – you haven’t watched “The Matrix.”

8 thoughts on “Day 12: Hmmmmmm…

  1. Ah Surati, it’s wonderful to follow your indoor adventures on your blog. Ho’oponopono indeed: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. xox

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    1. Thank you for your comment Eleanor, and thanks for following and liking! Yes, a very unique and ever-changing scenario, and great fun engaging with it. I love your unique way of looking at the world expressed in your photos. Glad to have you along here 🙂


  2. Another enjoyable read. I love all the descriptions and pics of the neighbourhood that seem to keep you so entertained. It’s an ever changing kaleidoscope and you have time to notice all the details. To a much lesser extent I do it here – stare out the front window and watch all the street activity. But your account has the feel of a prisoner – very cushy cell, but a prisoner nonetheless. I want some of that man’s soup!
    You stepped on my toes during the spring lockdown as I imagine you are probably aware. Or we stepped on each other’s toes. Whatever. Ho’oponopono sorted it for me. It always works. So simple and so powerful.
    I’ve never been into those exercise vids either, but I do do a workout every morning that I’ve developed over the past several years prior to and post hip surgery. It’s been a life saver.
    Only 2 days to go. I do hope for an update now and then once you’re free!
    Alison xoxo

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    1. Glad your enjoying the blog, Alison 🙂 Yes, a sort of prison, just like the mind at times.
      It’s a dance, isn’t it? With dancers that can step on each other’s toes – twirl each other to highs and lows, practicing the steps and maybe losing themselves in the dance. The dance without the dancers? Nothing to talk about, but lots to giggle… And yes, the blogs will continue, just not on a daily basis 🙂 Luv you xo

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