Erjie Wanggong Fire-Crossing

Yesterday, I enjoyed the Erjie Wanggong Fire Crossing Festival in Yilan’s Erjie village. What a fun event – fabulously colourful, noisy, hot, and theatrical. Loved it! I’m copying some of the historical information below from the Taiwan Religious scenes website where you can find more details if you like. I think that overall this yearContinue reading “Erjie Wanggong Fire-Crossing”

Xiao Liu Qiu

Xiao Liu Qiu (or known as Little Liuqiu, Lambai Island, Lamay Island) is a small coral island off the southwest coast of Taiwan. I heard about if from Vanida, a lovely French woman I met in a Bunnan village while travelling in Yushan park. The island is known for its clear water, amazing coral reefs, sandy beaches,Continue reading “Xiao Liu Qiu”

Of Dragons and Tigers, and Fo Guang Shan

My previous post the Ode to the Lotus at Lianchi (Lotus) Lake in Kaohsiung asks to be followed by photos and descriptions of my visit to the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and Spring and Autumn Pavilions on the said lake, as well as an amazing afternoon at Fo Guang Shan Monastery and Buddha Museum aContinue reading “Of Dragons and Tigers, and Fo Guang Shan”

Ode to the Sublime Lotus

I just returned from a visit to Kaohsiung and the tiny island of Liuqiu on Taiwan’s south-west coast… and have to post this brief visual ode to the heavenly lotus plant in all its stages. Posts on other sights in Kaohsiung and Little Liuqiu will follow in time. Lotuses are just so fresh on myContinue reading “Ode to the Sublime Lotus”

Yangmingshan Adventures

Nov 17: With Gino and Jenny in Zhuzihu and Beitou Time flies! And I can’t keep up with recording all the experiences and adventures. We have just returned from Alishan and Yu-shan (Jade Mountain), and there are hundreds of photographs to sort through. So I go back a couple of weeks to previous hikes inContinue reading “Yangmingshan Adventures”

Maokong Gondula and Yinghe Cave Hike

It’s November 4th and the US election is going on… I’m off hiking, no media, no interest in preoccupying myself with political drama and hype. Kaya is off training for her Yu-shan hike (later this month), so I jump on the bike and pedal along the river path south to the Maokong Gondola. It’s locatedContinue reading “Maokong Gondula and Yinghe Cave Hike”

Seaside Dulan, Taitung County

Skipping ahead… We’re in artsy, relaxed Dulan, Donghe, Taitung and it’s a fabulous ride. When I arrived on Tuesday after a four hour train ride on the Puyuma Express from Taipei and wanted to pick up a scooter at the place recommended to me, I was told that “sorry, we don’t rent to foreigners.” ThatContinue reading “Seaside Dulan, Taitung County”

Beach Clean Up and “VIS”

marinepollution #sustainability #keepoceanscleanIt’s Sunday, November 1st, another lovely day on planet Earth. Kaya sent me info about the NextGen Wanli Beach clean-up and I decide spontaneously to join. In this age of instant connections, I am instantly connected and find my way to the Nanjin Fuxing MRT station, Exit 7, looking for Marcin (pronounced marchin’Continue reading “Beach Clean Up and “VIS””