Day 8: Me, myself and the body

Quarantine Diary 6AM. I wish I was a cat. All flexible, soft, and limber. I’m not. I wake up with a headache, the kind that is caused by muscle tension. The body’s way to say something needs to relax. So my morning is spent on the yoga mat and moving about the room, stretching, shaking,Continue reading “Day 8: Me, myself and the body”

Day 7: Half-way!

Quarantine Diary: 4:30 AM…don’t seem to need much sleep these days. I like the quiet and slow beginnings to the day. First light, first bird songs, street sweeping (with the kind of broom I’d like for Halloween), sweeping up cups, cigarette butts, wrappers, this and that. One one those tasks that repeats itself endlessly, likeContinue reading “Day 7: Half-way!”

Day 6: A l m o s t . . .

Quarantine Diary A l m o s t… half-way! Yeay! So far, so good… the body is starting to feel a bit “couchpotato-ish” and, oh dear, my tan is starting to fade 😉 but other than that, life in the den is pretty good. I can remember -mostly as a kid- getting completely absorbed byContinue reading “Day 6: A l m o s t . . .”

Day 5: Play, rest, be silly

Quarantine Diary 6 AM. It’s raining. As it often does. Not for long though. The weather here changes by the minute sometimes. Taiwan’s people joke about their climate. Weather is iffy and forecasts are just for reference… there is always good weather in Taiwan, but not necessarily where you are at the moment. Ha! TheContinue reading “Day 5: Play, rest, be silly”

Day 4: Happy Thanksgiving ye all!

Quarantine Diary: 6:50AM. Fell asleep at 9PM, wide awake at midnight. Cruising Facebook looking at Taipei room ads until it’s time to join a zoom call with Gangaji at 2AM, during which I fall asleep 🙂 LOL! Her soothing voice does the trick. I find that Eckhart, Osho, and Gangaji rank high on the lullingContinue reading “Day 4: Happy Thanksgiving ye all!”

Day 3: Feathered Friends and other things

Quarantine Diary 5:30 AM. Sunday. It’s quiet, very few people about. Only the regulars – street cleaners, dog owners, a few delivery drivers. I hear bird song, perch at my window and spy a few feathered friends. A couple of sparrows have made a home in a hole in the wall across the street –Continue reading “Day 3: Feathered Friends and other things”

Day 2: Window Musings

Quarantine Diary: 5 AM. The world around me is waking up. First light… first birds chirping… Looking out the window, I’m reminded of many occasions in countries I have visited when (mostly) older people would sit at their windows looking out at the world, watching and engaging from their perches – I found this especiallyContinue reading “Day 2: Window Musings”

Day 1 – The Art of Pigeon Herding and Other Stories from The Den

Quarantine Diary: I’m up at 4 AM, this body decides six hours of sleep is enough. Okay, let’s get up then. Check some email, find your responses to blog posts (thanks all :), make a cup of tea and roll out the yoga mat. Time to stretch and get the travel kinks out of myContinue reading “Day 1 – The Art of Pigeon Herding and Other Stories from The Den”

Nihao Taiwan! Nihao Surati! We wish you a happy quarantine!

Riding the waves of changing flights, rules, regulations and seemingly unachievable requirements – here I am! Deep exhale… it’s done! And what a wonderful treat to be allowed to have a brief visit with my daughter before ascending to the seventh floor of the Ximen Citizen Hotel (one of the many designated quarantine hotels inContinue reading “Nihao Taiwan! Nihao Surati! We wish you a happy quarantine!”

Up up into the sky… and yonder I go

October 7, 2020Yippee! I made it to Seoul! The first leg of my air travel was a breeze. And spent in relative luxury! I’ve got three seats for myself, can stretch and spread out onboard a plane which usually takes hundreds – there are only 70 travellers and a few staff. Not very sustainable, butContinue reading “Up up into the sky… and yonder I go”