Bangka Qingshan Festival – Taipei

Ahh, great God King Qingshan, responsible for the Bangka Temple Festival… Another cultural event I sort of stumbled upon not doing my due diligence as a tourist to inform myself properly about current festivals. Fireworks late at night had been going on for a few days – Vanida, a friend, from her posh perch inContinue reading “Bangka Qingshan Festival – Taipei”

Of Temples and Celebrations – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2! Come along for a visit to Guandu Temple, and get a little Zen at Linji Huguo Temple; then visit Yinhe Cave, Songshan Tianbao Temple, and Xingtian Temple. I think I’ll save a slideshow of the Bangka Quinshan Celebration for another post. Here we go… Guandu Temple The first time “I laidContinue reading “Of Temples and Celebrations – Part 2”

Taipei Musings – A Little of Everything

Is the honeymoon over?! At times. The pink glasses have come off, and some of the harsher realities have entered the space… Here’s a little rant… I’m tired. Highly aware of the restrictions within and without. I’m tired of “the Covid thing” that is putting the brakes on life’s expression, even here. In Taipei, I’veContinue reading “Taipei Musings – A Little of Everything”

Yangmingshan Adventures

Nov 17: With Gino and Jenny in Zhuzihu and Beitou Time flies! And I can’t keep up with recording all the experiences and adventures. We have just returned from Alishan and Yu-shan (Jade Mountain), and there are hundreds of photographs to sort through. So I go back a couple of weeks to previous hikes inContinue reading “Yangmingshan Adventures”

Maokong Gondula and Yinghe Cave Hike

It’s November 4th and the US election is going on… I’m off hiking, no media, no interest in preoccupying myself with political drama and hype. Kaya is off training for her Yu-shan hike (later this month), so I jump on the bike and pedal along the river path south to the Maokong Gondola. It’s locatedContinue reading “Maokong Gondula and Yinghe Cave Hike”

Taipei Moments

Old and new. The ancient and the super modern. Opposites. Oxymorons. Coexisting. That’s Taipei folks – ancient traditions and architecture  and modern technology, street art, modern art, ramshackle art, the way it’s always been done, and “keeping up with the latest” or coming up with something new; colours, smells, sounds, movement, action… I love itContinue reading “Taipei Moments”

Ximen, Jinshan and Birthday Fun

October 23: First Day Out!  Quarantine successfully completed! Ximen @ street level, Ba Yan Ye Xi Hotsprings in Jinshan district, and a Birthday dinner. Woweeee… flying high, friends! First things first – wishing Kaya a very happy 27th birthday. She is life’s gift that keeps giving in new and surprising ways – feeling blessed. It’sContinue reading “Ximen, Jinshan and Birthday Fun”

Day 4: Happy Thanksgiving ye all!

Quarantine Diary: 6:50AM. Fell asleep at 9PM, wide awake at midnight. Cruising Facebook looking at Taipei room ads until it’s time to join a zoom call with Gangaji at 2AM, during which I fall asleep 🙂 LOL! Her soothing voice does the trick. I find that Eckhart, Osho, and Gangaji rank high on the lullingContinue reading “Day 4: Happy Thanksgiving ye all!”