Day 3: Feathered Friends and other things

Quarantine Diary 5:30 AM. Sunday. It’s quiet, very few people about. Only the regulars – street cleaners, dog owners, a few delivery drivers. I hear bird song, perch at my window and spy a few feathered friends. A couple of sparrows have made a home in a hole in the wall across the street –Continue reading “Day 3: Feathered Friends and other things”

Day 2: Window Musings

Quarantine Diary: 5 AM. The world around me is waking up. First light… first birds chirping… Looking out the window, I’m reminded of many occasions in countries I have visited when (mostly) older people would sit at their windows looking out at the world, watching and engaging from their perches – I found this especiallyContinue reading “Day 2: Window Musings”

Day 1 – The Art of Pigeon Herding and Other Stories from The Den

Quarantine Diary: I’m up at 4 AM, this body decides six hours of sleep is enough. Okay, let’s get up then. Check some email, find your responses to blog posts (thanks all :), make a cup of tea and roll out the yoga mat. Time to stretch and get the travel kinks out of myContinue reading “Day 1 – The Art of Pigeon Herding and Other Stories from The Den”