Taipei Moments

Old and new. The ancient and the super modern. Opposites. Oxymorons. Coexisting. That’s Taipei folks – ancient traditions and architecture  and modern technology, street art, modern art, ramshackle art, the way it’s always been done, and “keeping up with the latest” or coming up with something new; colours, smells, sounds, movement, action… I love itContinue reading “Taipei Moments”

Ximen, Jinshan and Birthday Fun

October 23: First Day Out!  Quarantine successfully completed! Ximen @ street level, Ba Yan Ye Xi Hotsprings in Jinshan district, and a Birthday dinner. Woweeee… flying high, friends! First things first – wishing Kaya a very happy 27th birthday. She is life’s gift that keeps giving in new and surprising ways – feeling blessed. It’sContinue reading “Ximen, Jinshan and Birthday Fun”

Day 2: Window Musings

Quarantine Diary: 5 AM. The world around me is waking up. First light… first birds chirping… Looking out the window, I’m reminded of many occasions in countries I have visited when (mostly) older people would sit at their windows looking out at the world, watching and engaging from their perches – I found this especiallyContinue reading “Day 2: Window Musings”

Day 1 – The Art of Pigeon Herding and Other Stories from The Den

Quarantine Diary: I’m up at 4 AM, this body decides six hours of sleep is enough. Okay, let’s get up then. Check some email, find your responses to blog posts (thanks all :), make a cup of tea and roll out the yoga mat. Time to stretch and get the travel kinks out of myContinue reading “Day 1 – The Art of Pigeon Herding and Other Stories from The Den”