Taipei February 2020

I love to travel; as a child with my family to various seaside destinations in Europe, and from my first semi solo trip at age 16 to Morocco to my most recent trip to Nuchatlitz in Nootka Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Spanning the world, many countries, many years, I adore and marvel at the beauty of the natural world, the creativity and ingenuity of human spirit, culture and civilization, this marvellous blue planet we live on. It saddens me deeply to witness the destruction and pollution of the natural world, and it uplifts me greatly to witness the love, connection, and creative genius. I take in whatever I can, pay attention to what is right in front of me. What a privilege to live at a time when deep spiritual teachings are readily available. When this amazing blue planet is so accessible, so vulnerable, such a gift to receive. All is pointing to Simply Being Here Now.

What People Say

She’s definitely a crazy cat lady.


Loveable, full of energy, and always ready to lend an ear.


Can’t be with her, can’t be without her! Good thing we’re still friends.


Let’s talk!

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