Follow along as I travel to visit

my daughter in Taiwan and beyond

A brief ‘Hello’ before disappearing into quarantine…


It’s simple, I love to travel… as a child with my family to various seaside destinations in Europe, and from my first semi solo trip at age 16 to Morocco to my most recent trip to Nuchatlitz in Nootka Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island… spanning the world, many countries, many years…
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Photo Page

All text and photos by Surati Haarbrucker unless otherwise noted. Happy to share as long as you are honouring copyright; please ask for permission and mention my name.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Very nice blog and website. You’re very alive! My friend said she has difficulty leaving a comment on your site. Let’s see if I have more luck. She will do the same thing as you next January. Have the best time in this interesting corner of Taiwan, Cornelia

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    1. Thank you, Cornelia. I’m having fun with this blog, it provides grounding and focus. And hopefully some useful info for others traveling to Taiwan. Hope your friend can figure out how to leave a comment – so far I have approved every comment. All the best, Surati


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